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Web Design

Web Design / Social Media / Content Management Systems

Eastern Ontario Media offers comprehensive programs and packages for both small, medium and large companies. Whether you are looking for a simple blog, a modern dynamic website or complete packages that include the latest tools and social media. Eastern Ontario Media has the right package for you.

The Right Tools

When you compare our finished product to other local development companies, the differences are clear. Our technology platform is superior and is the cornerstone for all of our client sites. All of our packages include the same industry leading Content Management System which means you can do all of the critical things such as blogging and content creation without having to call a programmer to write code for you. Fresh content, which includes a blog is one of the most important things you need to do on your website in order to reach your customers.

Content Management

If your site is not driven by a database or CMS then your programmer will need to update every single page every time they add a piece of content. All this means is more money in your programmer's pocket and a website that won't work. Each client design is individually styled and not a cookie cutter duplication with a different logo. Before you have your website designed, you need to ask the question: Am I getting a true Content Management System? If not, then what are you paying for?

Results driven Design

The most neglected part of web design and something that no other company provides in the 1000 islands, is a statistical and marketing program designed to get you to the front page of Search Engine Results. How do we know that our program works? Our clients are on the front page. Do you know what your competition is doing in comparison to you? Do you know how you rank? If you answer no to either of these questions, then you are at an extreme disadvantage.

Call or email us today to find out how you can take your web program to the next level with Eastern Ontario Media.



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