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Corporate Video Packages

Eastern Ontario Network is a company that can produce results. We are marketing and business professionals with the skills to develop a solution that will create not just viewers but customers...

Your marketing video needs to deliver your message to many different mediums. This can include conferences, sickness exhibitions, seminars, webinars, sales meetings, major presentations, in-store demos, direct mailings, email, online enquiry points, flash sticks, DVD business cards and more.

Eastern Ontario Network Corporate Video solutions will differentiate your business from your competition.

Our team will determine the best creative approach for your message. This might include attention grabbing animated captions to point and shoot voiceover interviews or special effects. An advanced production might include an entire story with a cast of actors, or a presenter production. Our experience means that we can produce a variety of different "looks" based on what your message will be.

Powerful scripts
Effectively managed shooting and production schedules
State of the Art Technology
Quality Editing, Post Production and Audio
Attention grabbing graphics
Unique one of a kind music

1 DAY SHOOT: $3895: 3 to 7 minutes
2 DAY SHOOT: $5495: 6 to 13 minutes
3 DAY SHOOT: $7295: 13 to 15 minutes

Our marketing video production services offer your business a comprehensive and creative approach to dominate your sector...